Club Daniel

Club Daniel Retreat

One of Club Daniel Retreat, Entebbe.

This is a discipling programme to raise up all-weather Christians who can, not only survive, but thrive through the pressures and rigors of “Babylon,” like Daniel and his friends did. That is why we call them Club Daniel Prayer Retreats.

The aim of these retreats is to disciple people in the disciplines of living a lifestyle of prayer. We come together on Friday evening, and we have one introductory session after dinner. We encourage people to go to bed early so that we can wake up early, at 4.00 am. Then we encourage them to spend the first four hours in the Word of God, in study and meditation, and then in personal prayer.

Saturday, we have the first joint session at 9.00 am. From then onwards we have teaching sessions, interspersed with personal prayer and Bible study and meditation sessions. Saturday is also a day for fasting, so we do not have meals, right until Sunday 6.00am when we take breakfast.

On Saturday afternoon we always have a long session of rest for a minimum of two hours. This is because many people come to these retreats from a period of hectic work schedules. Then, the fact that some are not used to waking up as early as 4.00 am, by the afternoon they need some time of sleep for their bodies to adjust.

Then we have evening sessions of teaching and corporate prayer. We end the day at about 9.00 pm, and encourage people to go to bed immediately. Then we wake up at 3.00 am, for personal Bible study and prayer. We hold a joint session between 5.00 and 6.00 am, and then have breakfast. We release people, soon after 6.00 am to go home to their Churches for Sunday morning service.

Through Club Daniel, over the last few years we have discipled hundreds of Christians to adopt a disciplined lifestyle of prayer and Bible study and meditation. We follow a similar pattern in other nations as well.

Dates for 2016 for ENTEBBE retreats: Feb 12-14; April 1-3; June 3-5; Aug 5-7; Nov 18-20.

Dates for 2016 for JINJA retreats: Feb 5-7; April 15-17; July 1-3; Sept 2-4; Nov 11-13.

For more details and to book contact our office:

Beerenga Mwesigwa Foundation, 0752526050; 0772556990; 0716556990;

Suite B1, Adam House, 11 Portal Avenue, (Opposite KCCA), Kampala, Uganda