About Us

Beeranga Mwesigwa Foundation is the organisation that gives legal covering to Ugandan Pastor Laban Jjumba’s teaching, publishing, media and charitable ministry. The charitable work includes a scholarship fund and support for Christian education. The work of the Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors.

The Foundation is involved in the following programmes:

  • Club Daniel Prayer Retreats
  • Weekly TV Telecast
  • Publishing Ministry
  • Evangelistic Ministry, Teaching, …
  • Scholarship Fund and Christian Education programmes.


Downloading Our Books, Publications and Free Materials:

You can purchase electronic copies of our books online and pay for them by Credit or Debit card (e.g. Visa ATM Cards) or PayPal. Within the Eastern Africa PesaPal areas you can also pay by the various telephone Mobile Money networks.

Before you can purchase or download any materials, go to Book Store, select My Account, and set up an account with us. You do not pay anything to set up an account. You just furnish us with your name and contacts. The identity of your account is your username or email address, and you protect it by your password. This is NOT your email password. It is your password for your Downloads Account with Beeranga Mwesigwa Foundation.

When the order is received by our system, an email will be sent to you, and a link will be established within your account page to download the materials you have ordered. Go to My Account under Book Store and follow the link for for downloading the materials you have ordered. Please observe copyright restrictions for the books and other copyrighted materials. DO NOT MAKE COPIES FOR FREE OR COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION TO OTHER PEOPLE. THIS VIOLATES COPYRIGHT AND IS ILLEGAL. Advise other people to make their own orders directly with us.

Free materials include:

  • Teaching articles, Bible Study and Prayer Guides, Etcetera;
  • Information on retreats, TV schedule, Books Catalogue, BMF Brochure/Newsletters.

You can also make a donation to support the work of the Foundation.

Go to Partnership page and select the relevant options, then press Donate button. This is will lead you to fill in your Credit card details.